Digital delivery
of freight documents

No more waiting - all relevant data is on your system in just 3 steps. Digital and immediately processable!

Driver logs on to LogiScanBox

Registration with personal, order and vehicle data. Optionally also possible with barcode or driver card.

Direct scanning of all documents

All relevant documents are scanned in, in one or more processes and digitally processed.

UPLOAD - Done!

The scanned receipts are immediately digitally transferred by click. The original receipts are inserted into the LogiScanBox with an envelope and delivered by courier.

No more excuses.

The ABONA LogiScanBox is always there.

It does not sleep, does not get sick and does not have holidays. It is the colleague 24/365.

Ready at any time to capture delivery receipts digitally.With protocol and proof of scope and content.

The precursor to e-CMR

Freight documents digital

As digitalisation progresses, increasing efficiency and maximising profits are the declared goals of every company. This is also the case in forwarding companies, where digitization has completely changed order processing.

From freight exchange to vehicle monitoring - everything is networked and transparent. Only when processing orders many freight forwarders or clients insist on the delivery receipt, CMR or other original documents. And this is exactly where digitalisation is unnecessarily slowed down.

The order can only be completed and settled after the original receipts have been handed over by the truck driver to the forwarding agent by hand or by post.

With payment periods of up to 90 days after receipt of the original documents, long payment intervals arise in logistics, which can lead to major financial problems depending on the forwarding agency.

ABONA has now developed the LogiScanBOX, a solution in order to reduce time intervals drastrically. With it, transport orders can finally be processed in real time and the greatest possible transparency of processes is achieved.

Innovative idea.
Cleverly made.

Why complicated, if it works also easy?

  • All the surveyed forwarding companies that are already using the LogiScanBox confirm that the volume of work to be handled and the time required have been significantly reduced.
  • Complaints and searches for allegedly submitted documents are reduced to a minimum, as all processes are logged and traceable.
  • Can be integrated into all common ERP systems.
  • Document formats D4 to C4.
  • Only power and Internet connection required
  • Optional customer-specific adaptations
  • Adaptable to corporate corporate design
  • Low space requirement
  • Suitable for outdoor use (optional up to +70° / -30° possible).

»A profit
for all of us.«

Where others are still waiting for mail, we have already been billed!

With much less effort.


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